Discover Luxury Living at Costa Residences Corasol Beach Club: Your Guide to Upscale Residences in Playa del Carmen

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Elegant Living at Costa Corasol: Most Luxurious Residences in Playa del Carmen

Looking for a luxury living experience or an investment with promising returns in Playa del Carmen? Discover the exclusive blend of upscale residences, breathtaking seaside amenities, and robust investment prospects at Costa Corasol. With access to all properties in the region, including new-construction, Pre-construction, and resales, we can assist U.S. and Canadian buyers in making the right property purchase tailored to their individual needs. Dive into the unparalleled elegance of Costa Corasol’s residences, embrace the relaxed lifestyle at the Costa Beach Club, and seize the opportunity to enhance your portfolio with a valuable slice of paradise. To see all new-construction, Pre-construction, and resales for sale, click here to explore Corasol properties and filter for anything you wish inside or outside Corasol. Don't let this chance slip by; connect with our AMPI Licensed buyer's agent at for a tailored research experience with the latest and most comprehensive information. Take the first step towards your dream home and investment future—email us now at and let's make your vision a reality.

Key Takeaways

  • Costa Corasol offers a luxurious living experience designed by renowned architects, promising significant ROI, exceptional amenities, and an upscale lifestyle in Playa del Carmen.
  • Exclusive residences provide a seamless blend of modern luxury and tranquil seaside living, with a variety of options including penthouses, apartment prototypes, and pentgardens.
  • Ownership at Corasol is not only a statement of luxury but also a strategic investment with the potential for rental income, underscored by the area’s robust economic growth and appeal to investors.

Costa Corasol's Exclusive Enclave

Visualize an enclave where architecture transcends beyond merely creating spaces to crafting experiences. Costa Corasol stands as a beacon of luxury, designed by the visionary architects of Sordo Madaleno and CUAIK. Each residence reflects the pinnacle of modern luxury, offering a sanctuary where elegance and tranquility reign supreme.

But the allure of Costa Corasol transcends beyond its majestic façades. Investors are captivated by the substantial return on investment, with properties like the Costa Beach apartments projected to appreciate by 25%. And with favorable purchase terms, such as a 30% down payment, the dream of upscale living in Playa del Carmen becomes an accessible reality.

A Glimpse into Seaside Luxury

Within the confines of Costa Corasol, seaside luxury comes alive at Corasol’s Costa Beach Club. Here, tranquility is a constant companion, as the serene seaside setting fosters an environment of peace and relaxation. The contemporary design of the residences, coupled with state-of-the-art amenities, ensures comfort at every turn.

Sophisticated finishes and modern technological conveniences adorn every corner, making each living space an epitome of luxury. And with the Caribbean Sea as your backdrop, the stunning vistas of the Riviera Maya are a daily indulgence.

The Essence of Private Coastal Living

Residences Corasol Riviera Maya offers:

  • A residence that embodies a lifestyle intertwining the extravagance of resort living with a deep-rooted connection to nature
  • A gated residential resort community
  • An escapade where private coastal living is redefined.

Here, every outdoor living space becomes a welcoming space, an extension of the home that invites the flawless white sand beaches and the soothing sounds of the Caribbean Sea into daily life.

Unveiling Costa Beach Club: A Haven of Leisure and Elegance

Enter the Costa Beach Club, and you find yourself in a sanctuary embodying both leisure and elegance. With 54 luxurious seaside residences and penthouses, the Beach Club is a sanctuary where amenities such as multiple pools, fine dining venues, and a world-class spa await to indulge your senses.

Whether you seek the warmth of the sun on the white sand beach or the vibrant social spaces where gastronomy and camaraderie flourish, Costa Beach Club offers an unparalleled beach club property experience on the Riviera Maya coastline.

Infinite Relaxation by the Sea

Picture a a pristine stretch of beach stretch where relaxation evolves beyond an activity to become a lifestyle. The Costa Beach Club offers a tranquil beachfront setting with luxurious private cabanas and multiple pools, each inviting you to unwind and soak in the serene atmosphere.

The shade of palms and mangroves provide a natural canopy over the flawless white sand beaches, while the veranda overlooking the Gulf of Mexico sets the stage for memorable dining experiences.

Culinary Delights and Social Spaces

The gourmet market at Costa Beach Club serves as a culinary enthusiast’s paradise, presenting a wide array of dining options to satisfy all tastes. The unique restaurant designs, such as the ribbed vaults and the vibrant bar adorned with colorful glass bottles, create an inviting and social atmosphere that’s perfect for both intimate gatherings and lively social events. Catering to just a few customers or a large crowd, Costa Beach Club ensures a memorable experience for everyone.

The Architectural Marvels of Costa Residences

Costa Residences stand as a perfect example of the harmonious fusion between architecture and the Riviera Maya’s natural landscape. Surrounded by white sand beaches, palms, and mangroves, these residences exemplify the use of local materials and tropical aesthetics to blend seamlessly with the environment.

Within the nine buildings that comprise Costa Residences, 66 unique living spaces, including apartment prototypes, pentgardens, and two-level full-floor penthouses, offer a modern sanctuary for those who seek an exclusive beach club property experience.

Half Floor Residences: Modernity Meets Magnificence

In Costa Corasol’s half floor residences, modernity intertwines with magnificence, crafting a living space of unmatched luxury through spacious layouts and harmonious interiors. The balance of aesthetics and function in these residences carves out a personalized oasis that is both expansive and inviting, perfect for entertaining or private retreats.

Penthouses and Pent Gardens: Elevating Expectations

The penthouses and pentgardens at Costa Corasol redefine luxury living. Expansive terraces offer breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea, while sophisticated interiors and high-quality finishes heighten the sense of grandeur.

Floor-to-ceiling windows invite an abundance of natural light and provide panoramic vistas that are nothing short of spectacular.

Embrace the Golf Lifestyle at Gran Coyote Golf

Gran Coyote Golf offers the following features and amenities at the Gran Coyote Golf Course:

  • An 18-hole, Par 71 course designed by Nick Price
  • Preferred tee times for residents
  • Exclusive events and competitions
  • Top-tier facilities, including the expansive Club House and the Riviera Maya’s largest practice facility

Residents can enjoy the golfing lifestyle and experience the essence of the Riviera Maya at Gran Coyote Golf.

The Village and Palm Villas: A Symphony of Nature and Comfort

Situated within Costa Corasol, The Village and Palm Villas harmoniously blend nature and comfort, meticulously designed to merge living spaces with the Mexican Caribbean’s natural environment.

The modular architectural design of Palm Villas emphasizes breadth, creating spacious and harmonious outdoor living spaces and environments that cater to the essence of seaside luxury in village residences.

The Privileges of Ownership at Corasol

Possessing a residence at Corasol goes beyond being a luxury statement; it signifies the gateway to a world of privileges. The Private Owners Club, complete with unique art installations and a lounge, is a testament to the personalized experience property owners enjoy.

The attractiveness of the destination also presents a lucrative opportunity for rental income, enhancing the investment value of the properties.

Investment Potential in Playa del Carmen Real Estate

With an annual economic growth rate of 11%, Playa del Carmen’s thriving real estate market presents an attractive prospect for discerning investors. With its close ties to the North American market and a preference for cash transactions, the real estate landscape here offers stability and opportunity for those looking to invest in a beach club property or a residence within a gated community like Corasol.


As we conclude this journey through the opulent offerings of Costa Corasol, it’s clear that this enclave is more than just a residence—it’s a lifestyle. From the architectural marvels that blend seamlessly with the Riviera Maya coastline to the serene beaches and the lush greens of Gran Coyote Golf, Costa Corasol stands as a beacon of luxury living. Whether you’re drawn to the half floor residences, the majestic penthouses, or the charming Village and Palm Villas, owning a piece of this paradise promises a life of elegance and tranquility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a dress code for the Carna Baha Mar?

Yes, there is a smart casual dress code for Carna Baha Mar. Exercise or beach attire is not permitted. So, dress to impress and enjoy your time there!

What sets Costa Corasol apart from other luxury living options in Playa del Carmen?

Costa Corasol stands out from other luxury living options in Playa del Carmen due to its exclusive enclave design, tranquil seaside setting with state-of-the-art amenities, unique features such as the Costa Beach Club and Gran Coyote Golf, substantial return on investment, and favorable purchase terms, making it a compelling choice for both residents and investors.

Can you describe the amenities offered at the Costa Beach Club?

Costa Beach Club offers multiple pools, a world-class spa, fine dining venues, and a private beachfront with cabanas, providing a luxurious and relaxing experience with a rich social atmosphere.

What are the architectural highlights of Costa Residences?

Costa Residences stand out for their use of local materials and tropical aesthetics, integrating with the natural environment and offering modern living spaces like apartment prototypes, pentgardens, and full-floor penthouses for a luxurious lifestyle within the Beach Club setting.

What advantages do property owners at Corasol have?

Property owners at Corasol enjoy a range of advantages, including access to an Exclusive Owners Club, potential rental income, and a strong community with comprehensive security services. These perks offer an enriching and secure lifestyle for property owners.